About Us

Enerdyne represents world’s leading manufacturers, bringing innovation and technology from across the globe to the emerging markets of India and the Middle East.

As a specialty distributor, we facilitate business and create value for our customers and suppliers by connecting people, linking resources, creating efficient supply chains and offering product expertise and application support. Our sales teams realize their job is to solve problems, not just sell products!

The world is shrinking into a global village. The pace of business has grown faster and faster. Distances are no longer daunting; information is easily available. Yet, even in this era of high technology, we believe there are things that remain timeless.

Trust. Expertise. The quest for quality. The passion to serve. And excel. These are human qualities still indispensable to the world of business.

Even a great product, to enter and succeed in the market, needs a team of committed, confident, passionate human beings who can assume responsibility and ensure personal care at every stage of execution.

At Enerdyne, the human touch is where we excel. Though most stringent systems and processes are deployed within the company, we choose to measure our success by the sterling quality of relationships forged over many years and the solidity of trust reposed in us by our customers and suppliers.


Enerdyne’ s journey started in 1993, as a small unit manufacturing customized cable assemblies for India’s nascent IT hardware and Telecom industry. As the Indian economy opened to the world, focus shifted to import and distribution of electronic components to meet the growing demands of an emerging electronics industry in India.

Soon, Enerdyne was representing some of world’s leading manufacturers of connectors, circuit protection components, power semiconductor devices and other electro-mechanical and passive electronic components.

Over decades, the network of customer relationships, markets and product portfolio kept expanding and the company grew multiple times.

Today, Enerdyne has emerged as a well-diversified distribution enterprise with multiple locations and business divisions consisting not only of automotive/electronic parts, but also lubricants and drone systems, serving some of the biggest manufacturing companies and public sector with a well-honed, pan India sales network.


Started operations as a small unit manufacturing customized cable assemblies for the nascent Telecom and IT hardware industry in India.

Entered electronic components distribution business, offering Power Semiconductor Devices and Electronic connectors and fuses to Indian Power Electronics, Telecom and Instrumentation industry.

2004 – 2005:
Acquired distribution rights for Polymeric PTC resettable devices from FUZETEC Technology Corporation, Taiwan. Concluded agency agreement with PACIFIC ENGINEERING CORP of Japan for their range of automotive fuses.

Shifted to new spacious office at NOIDA – a suburb of New Delhi.

2007 – 2011:
Entered marketing partnership with Taiwan’s leading automotive connector company – Hulane Associate

2012 – 2016:
Acquired new office building at NOIDA.

Entered distributor agreement with Taeyoung Chemical – Korea’s leading adhesive tape manufacturer.

“With the new business division of Automation & Intelligent Solutions, the company is strategically positioned to lead the Indian industry into the ‘Industry 4.0’ revolution”